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How to Talk about Exercising in English

Do you know the difference between warm up and cool down? Or what it means to do aerobics? Just like our bodies need exercise to stay healthy, so does our English! Give your mind AND your body a workout with hot expressions!

1. Get fit If you want to become more healthy, you can say I want to get fit. or I want to get in shape.

2. Workout This means an exercise routine. If you've been at the gym for a long time, you can say I've had a really good workout today!

3. Warm up and cool down. These are essential elements of any workout routine. A warm up is a period of light exercise to get the body ready for a workout. A cool down involves reducing the intensity of your exercise by gradually slowing down. It is usually followed by stretching, which prevents the muscles from getting stiff.

4. Circuit training is a workout technique where you go from one exercise (usually strength training) to another with little rest in between, to exercise the muscles as well as the heart and lungs.

5. Aerobic Exercise is exercise that increases the need for oxygen and speeds up the heart rate, like running or cycling. Aerobics is an example of this type of exercise, similar to dancing and usually done to music.

6. Cardiovascular Training (usually called Cardio) is similar to aerobic exercise. It is vigorous exercise that strengthens the heart and allows you to burn calories.

7. Most people go to the gym or sports center to work out. Here you can join different exercise classes, like Yoga, Pilates, Kickboxing and Spinning.

8. Gym instructor This is a fitness trainer who teaches exercise classes at a gym. A personal trainer is an instructor who is available for personal coaching.

9. Low impact and high impact are two different types of exercise. Low impact exercise is less strenuous than high impact exercise.

10. There are many different types of gym equipment or machines that you can use to keep fit, like a treadmill (used for running on the spot) or a stationary bike (cycling machine).